Why Do We Fly?

“Flying gives us a perspective of the world such that we realize our insignificance from a cosmic viewpoint, and yet at the same time flying empowers us with the ability to have control over our destiny. What a wonderful paradox! As above…so below.”  – D. Stewart

Photo by Mike Fizer

At Doug Stewart Flight Instruction, Inc. it is our mission and goal to train pilots to have a heightened awareness on many levels, thus making them safer pilots.

We train our clients to increase their situational awareness, both in the air and on the ground.

We train them to increase their awareness of the many human factors that play such an important part in their safety and we train them to allow their awareness of the spirituality of flight to expand, bringing greater joy to their flying.

We do this through a variety of disciplines, from fast and complex aircraft to low and slow, from a small cramped cockpit to a large lecture hall.

In many different venues DSFI, Inc. strives to turn good pilots into GREAT pilots! We cordially invite you to explore our website to see what we have to offer…

“…To me, flying is not just about stick and rudder skills or making a good approach. It’s also about reconnecting with self and others. After I’ve flown with Doug Stewart, I always feel challenged and refreshed, as if I’ve taken proficiency training in life.”  – Rinker Buck, Author of “Flight of Passage”

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