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DSFI, Inc. has over twenty years of experience operating Garmin GPS systems. We are able to offer instruction and assistance in the use of the G1000, Perspective, GTN 750 & 650,  GNS530W & 430W, G3X touch, G500/600 EFD, GFC700AP, and all Garmin handheld GPSs. DSFI has also had an ASPEN Pro1000EFD coupled with an S-TEC 55X AP installed in it’s Cardinal for more than nine years, and is intimately familiar with it’s operation. For more information contact us at or call 413-281-6788.



DSFI, Inc. offers training to motivated pilots seeking the Recreational, Private, and Commercial certificates as well as those seeking the Instrument rating. Doug’s record of sign-offs for Practical Tests has only had one failure, ever!

He attributes his success rate to the syllabi that he has developed for each certificate and rating. Most candidates for the Private Certificate are ready for their Practical Test in an average of 48-52 hours, well below the national average of 70 hours. Again, this is because of a syllabus that Doug has developed that prepares the candidate quickly and efficiently without sacrificing safety.

For those clients seeking the Commercial Certificate, Doug has a proven record in preparing pilots for the Practical Test, as well. His understanding of, and experience with the errors that pilots make in performing the advanced maneuvers for the certificate, allows him to prepare most pilots in short order.

Those of you who seek the instrument rating will find quick progress with DSFI, Inc. Doug’s syllabus for the instrument rating is a proven success. Each lesson builds upon the previous one. The instrument student will find him/herself with a good solid foundation of attitude flying before moving on to master flying holds and approaches.

Before a student has finished Instrument Training they will be exposed to the many different ways of dealing with ATC, and also exposed to actual instrument conditions. Doug will not sign off a client for the practical test unless they have had some IMC experience.

To learn more about obtaining any of these certificates or ratings please contact us at or call 413-281-6788.


DSFI, Inc. is an ardent supporter of the “Wings” program. Not only do we present safety seminars, but we enjoy doing the flight training portions of the program. For most pilots our “Wings” program is not only a GREAT learning experience, but a highly enjoyable one as well.

If you are in need of a FLIGHT REVIEW or IPC, DSFI, Inc. would be glad to provide this recurrent training as well. For any of this training we will train either in our aircraft, or in your own airplane. Please contact us at or call 413-281-6788 for more information.