“…To me, flying is not just about stick and rudder skills or making a good approach. It’s also about reconnecting with self and others. After I’ve flown with Doug Stewart, I always feel challenged and refreshed, as if I’ve taken proficiency training in life.”
Rinker Buck
Author of “Flight of Passage”



“…The ground and flight training was the most comprehensive and thoroughly presented instruction that I have experienced since my initial Malibu class nearly fifteen years ago. Doug possesses a very rare enthusiastic teaching quality that significantly expanded my working knowledge of the Mirage.”
Richard Stover
N516RS / PA46-350P



“…As a full time flight instructor…he reaches every segment of the aviation community. He commands the respect of all with his professionalism and vast knowledge of aviation issues. I often hear from students of Doug that they highly value his professional approach to flight instruction.”
Robert Martens
Safety Program Manager
Windsor Locks FSDO



“…With all who pass through the flight instructor ranks each year, few distinguish themselves through a career in this profession. …One meets many fine flight instructors but few who excel…Doug Stewart is truly exceptional in the way he personally educates so many individual students.”
Greg Brown, MCFI
National CFI of the Year



“…I attended the seminar last night and just wanted to write and thank you for the hard work and effort you put into making us all safer pilots. Great job! In case you did not notice it, everyone in the room was hanging on your every syllable! If you decided to keep going until 3:00AM, nobody would have left the room…”
Howard Paritsky



“…I’m still reliving last Monday and Tuesday again and again in my mind. I had such a great time and the most educational experience ever in the IFR world. I will be back to learn and refresh every year. Thanks for all your patience and terrific teaching style that will be well served in any flight I go on.”
Gary Boyd
Highland, NY



“…Yesterday was a day of breakthrough for me, …. because of the vision and direction that you passed along to me with your words. Everything you said…. was enlightening. … you really “ripped” the black letters off the books and put them all into a whole real life picture. Everything came alive and everything connected. They are no longer just chapters in the FAR book. One day spent with you kind of made up for my 8 months of training. Right when I was reaching out to make my next step forward, you opened the door for me and showed me what flying was really about and where I should go. It is like seeing an old friend whom I lost for a while. And I can see the path leading me higher and higher up. The way I look at you, your knowledge, experience and, above all, your passion make you extraordinary. I feel lucky and honored to meet you.
Jason Zhang



“…Each day brought new weather, ATC issues, etc. all bringing to reality the last six months of training I had spent studying the IFR environment. It was an incredible week to say the least. I want to thank you for your professionalism and training and would heartily recommend you to anyone thinking of participating in the East Coast IFR Experience. I will no doubt be returning for some follow up IFR training since I also accomplished my goal of becoming an IFR rated pilot.”
Russel Stanley
San Jose, CA



“…Doug Stewart compares very favorably with the best of the instructors I have had in 19 years of formal education culminating in a law degree. Like the best school teachers and university professors, Doug sees his instructors role as much more than just a job, and I, his other students, and general aviation have been the beneficiaries of that vision.”
Stuart Cohen
Albany, NY



“…I think the experience I picked up doing your EC-IFR really helped me out – helped me to get out of the “mechanics” of flying IFR, and more thinking at a higher level, and I thought I’d let you know that I really appreciate it!”
Roger Huggins
Seattle, WA



“…In my fifty plus years that I have been in business, I have never seen any other employee of mine give as much to aviation, in such a professional manner, as Doug does. Aviation is his passion and his love and all those who come in contact with him are sure to realize this. His professional flight instructing style is cheerful, positive and non-intimidating.”
Walter Koladza
President / DPE
Berkshire Aviation Ent., Inc.



“…I would like to say that I had a great experience flying with you. The information gained and some of your pointers will be a great help to me for my IFR flying. I would recommend your trip as a great way to ‘Get Your Wings Wet’ “
Nick Shirgio
Naples, FL



“…In my thirty years of aviation I have met very few people who possess the passion that Doug exhibits in aviation, but most notably in his teaching of students. …He teaches not for fame or fortune, but for his true passion of flying…”
Richard J. Solan
Capt./Check Airman
American Airlines



“…How the refinement of skiing has come so far is, I think, the same as flight instruction. New equipment, new standards of excellence for all pilots. This should raise the bar. Your program is to me on the leading edge.”
Bob Mitnik
Marblehead, MA



“…thanks to your drilling of whats next?, I was well ahead of the aircraft and had a very confidence building flight. Can’t thank you enough. “
Jim Krause
Conshocken, PA