Malibu / Mirage Recurrent Training

photo by Mike Fizer

DSFI, Inc. is pleased to offer recurrent training to pilots and owners of the Piper Malibu (PA46-310P) and Piper Mirage (PA46-350P). The training philosophy and concepts of DSFI that have proven successful in training pilots of other aircraft is now available for pilots of the best of Piper’s reciprocating single engine fleet.

The instructor for Malibu/Mirage training is Doug Stewart. Doug flew a Mirage for the Serenity Hill Corporation for three years and, during that tenure, had the opportunity to experience not only the best, but also some of the worst that the Mirage has to offer, including a turbo-charger failure at altitude while beyond gliding distance to shore over the Atlantic Ocean. His experience is first hand, and his training of other pilots for the worst-case scenario is based on that experience.

The training is designed to be given from Doug’s home base airport of the Columbia County Airport (1B1) in Hudson, NY, but he will travel to your airport if required.

The training can usually be accomplished in one and a half days of relaxed effort, but if time is critical the training can be compressed into one day, if the pilot is prepared. The syllabus consists of 4 -6 hours of ground instruction including:

  • aircraft familiarization
  • landing gear and brake systems
  • flight controls
  • fuel system
  • powerplant
  • electrical systems
  • pneumatic systems
  • flight profiles
  • emergency procedures
  • FAR part 61 and 91 regulations
  • airspace

The ground instruction is concluded with a 90 question written test that documents the pilot’s knowledge.

photo by Mike Fizer
The flying portion of the syllabus consists of 4 -6 hours of flight, including:

  • takeoffs and landings
  • aborted takeoffs
  • short-field takeoffs and landings
  • go-arounds
  • steep turns
  • slow flight, stalls and recoveries
  • emergency procedures
  • flight solely by reference to the instruments, to include all approaches for which the aircraft is equipped, both coupled and un-coupled, full panel and partial-panel.

For those who desire, portions of “Narly New England IFR” can be included. The training will fulfill the requirements for both a Flight Review and an IPC.

The cost for the recurrent training is $800.00 if taken at 1B1, The Columbia County Airport. If Doug travels to your airport, travel and per diem expenses will be added to the cost. To schedule training, email or telephone 413-281-6788.

“…The ground and flight training was the most comprehensive and thoroughly presented instruction that I have experienced since my initial Malibu class nearly fifteen years ago. Doug possesses a very rare enthusiastic teaching quality that significantly expanded my working knowledge of the Mirage.” -Richard Stover, N516RS / PA46-350P

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