AVEMCO Safety Rewards Program

Avemco Insurance Company recognizes DSFI courses for its Safety Rewards Program annual premium credits.   Pilots that are insured by Avemco may qualify for a 5% premium credit on their insurance policy upon completion of DSFI training trips.

DSFI, Inc. and AVEMCO Insurance Company both have your safety in mind. We want you to sharpen your skills in the aircraft and operations you fly. Thus we have partnered together in the “Avemco Safety Rewards Program”. EVERY ONE of the DSFI IFR training trips will make you a safer pilot, and thus qualify you for a 5% discount on your Avemco Insurance Policy,
Because tailwheel training makes for better, safer pilots, ANY pilot that obtains their TAILWHEEL ENDORSEMENT from DSFI also qualifies for a 5% discount from the Avemco Insurance Company.

If you are not already insuring with Avemco Insurance Company see here for an INSURANCE QUOTE from them.


For all pilots that are flying the DSFI, Inc. ALLEGRO 2000, it is our policy that you must have renter’s insurance prior to flying solo, or renting the airplane. See here to obtain a Renter’s insurance quote from Avemco Insurance Company.