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This trip combines the challenges of mountain flying in the Adirondacks, flying in the weather of the Great Lakes, and flying into Canada . In addition to challenging approaches and weather, it is a great way to learn how simple it can be to fly outside of the USA .


This course is designed as a refresher course for already rated pilots (although IFR students may certainly take it as well) and serves as an excellent IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check). The total flying time averages fourteen hours and 8 approaches will be flown, both precision and non-precision. Approaches will include ILS, LOC, VOR, and RNAV. Pilots that are insured by Avemco Insurance Company will qualify for a 5% discount on their premiums upon completion of this trip.


DAY ONE: Departing 1B1, we head north to Saranac Lake , in the Adirondack Mountains, and then on to Kingston , Ontario , where we’ll stop for lunch. From there we’ll  fly cross Lake Ontario , and return to the USA at Rochester, NY, where we will clear customs. (Be sure you’ve brought your passport with you!) We might have to go missed in Dunkirk, NY before heading to Cleveland, OH , to spend the night. If you have any energy left after this day, you can go tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
DAY TWO: Rising terrain awaits us this morning as we fly to Clarksburg, WV, and then north to Jamestown, NY, where we stop for lunch. After lunch we’ll fly to Elmira for a soft-serve ice cream cone, then fly a missed approach at Orange, NY before heading home to 1B1.


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