Narly New England, IFR

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The “NNEI” is a two-day IFR trip that is, in essence, the last two days of the “East Coast IFR Experience”. The trip starts at the Columbia County Airport (1B1) in Hudson , NY , heading south to Long Island, and then up the coast to Bangor , ME. On the second day it returns through the White and Green mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont , flying some of the most difficult approaches in New England .


This course is designed as a refresher course for already rated pilots (although IFR students may certainly take it as well) and serves as an excellent IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check). The total flying time averages 13 hours and 12 approaches will be flown, both precision and non-precision. Approaches will include ILS, LOC, LOC Back Course, VOR, PAR, and RNAV.

Pilots that are insured by Avemco Insurance Company will qualify for a 5% discount on their premiums upon completion of this trip.

THE ITINERARY:DAY ONE: Starting from The Columbia County Airport (1B1), we fly south to Islip on Long Island and from there, north up the coast, with stops at Norwood, MA, Portsmouth, NH, Rockland, and Bar Harbor, ending the day in Bangor, ME. The chance for a maritime layer gracing the Maine coast is always possible.
DAY TWO: This day is spent in the mountains of Maine , New Hampshire , and Vermont . From Bangor it’s off to Berlin, NH, then on to one of the most difficult approaches in the Northeast, the LOC/DME05 into Springfield, VT, and then heading for lunch with the HAMMM, BURGR and FRYSS of the ILS 18 into Lebanon , NH . From there we’ll head to Bennington, VT, and Pittsfield, MA, before returning to our starting point of 1B1. The approaches flown on this day are some of the most dififcult and challenging approaches on the East Coast.



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