Flying the New York VFR Corridor

Whether you are a pilot who is considering flying the route for the first time, or are a veteran of this flight, this is a MUST SEE DVD!The information contained in this DVD will provide information on ways to safely fly this fantastic route. Pilots who have even flown the VFR Corridor numerous times are saying that the DVD brought out safety issues that they had previously been unaware of.Seeing this presentation will increase your awareness of the numerous issues in properly managing the risks of flying this route, which will in turn enhance your safety.
This award winning seminar is now available as a DVD for only $29.95, plus shipping and handling.All the information that is presented in
the live seminars is included on this DVD:  Why fly the VFR Corridor?What are the RISKS?  What equipment is needed? What altitudes are best? How should one communicate? What are the important waypoints?

Aerial photos of all the reporting points are included in this 55 minute DVD.

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