Sportcruiser S-LSA

The Sport Aircraft Works SportCruiser is an all metal, low wing Light Sport Airplane (S-LSA) that is amazingly roomy, stable and easy to fly. Designed by Americans, for Americans it is easy to enter and exit the 48” wide cockpit, and with it’s bubble canopy the visibility is fantastic.


The cockpit features adjustable rudder pedals, twin sticks, and a “six pack” of flight instruments, allowing pilots to train for their private certificate in this airplane should they choose to. Ground steering is by differential braking (just like a Cirrus) and it can be operated off of grass surfaces with ease. Not only is it’s design esthetically pleasing, but it’s performance is astounding.



Takeoff (Grass) 350 ‘
Takeoff (50′ object) (Grass) 700′
Climb Rate 1200 FPM
Stall Speed with Flaps 30 Mph
Stall Speed w/o Flaps 33 Mph
Cruise Speed (75% Power) (True airspeed) 132 Mph
Never Exceed Speed (Vne) 160 Mph
Range (75% Power, no reserve) 550 Sm
Endurance (no reserve) 5 Hours
Landing Ground Roll (Grass) 400 Feet


Wing Span 28.2′
Overall Length 23.3′
Wing Area 131.3 Sq.Ft.
Wing Loading 10.0 Lb/sf
Empty Weight 675 Lbs
Gross Weight 1320 Lbs
Useful Load 645 Lbs
Cabin Width 48”
Fuel Capacity 30 Gal.
Luggage Space 10.6 cu. ft.
G Load Factor (Ultimate) +6 -4 g